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What is Restorative Movement?

By April 1, 2019Uncategorized

Holding a baby on your chest is truly one of the most restorative things we can do. Such pure love energy and trust. Baby breath… can’t say enough about this experience. I would venture to say that if we took the time to test people’s heart rates and heart health in a double-blind study of people who hold a baby on their chest for an hour a day that their health and heart rate would improve drastically.
Restorative is defined in Webster’s 1828 dictionary as anything that has the power to restore strength and vigor. I’m going to take a few moments here just to share a few of the things that I think work well for soul & body restoration.  You’ll notice that it isn’t just a list of physical tasks.  We are holistic beings- Our soul is tethered to and affected by how our body feels.  It needs a reset just like our physical beings do.

I hope that you will respond to this list by sharing what you do to restore and never forget that movement is truly medicine!

Move away from toxic people and toxic situations.
Sing. ( I will have a whole blog post about this one! Stay tuned.)
Learn healing breathwork (some solutions for this are found in this blog) and practice it daily.
Laugh with friends.
Create a dream board.
Go for a hike out in nature.
Think of at least 10 things you are grateful for. On your mark, get set, go.
Call a friend and tell them why you love them and the impact they have made in your life.
Choose gratitude over anxiety.
Stretch next to a roaring river or waterfall.
Get a massage or bodywork.
Walk through a farmer’s market and buy delicious food from hardworking artisan farmers.
Cook a meal with your family.  Savor it together.
Soak your feet in Epsom salts and essential oils while you sit in your office or while you are savoring a meal.
Hug deeply and often.
Relax your face by moving your facial muscles all around.
Paint or create something.
Write a poem- just because.
Do something you’ve always wanted to do, but that you have been too afraid to try.
Be honest with those who are worthy of your trust.
Serve someone else.
Give something away that someone else will love.
Come to Core Transformation to work out or find another great restorative movement class.

And there’s so much more!  What do you choose to do to restore the strength and vigor of your soul and your body?  Share with the group!


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