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It’s ALL about Connection!

By March 18, 2019Movement is Medicine

As I look back over some of the biggest lessons I have learned in 20 years of bodywork, the absolute most important one is how it’s all about connection!  I did also learn that you should never put both of your arms underneath the spine of a 450-pound man, but that is a deep life lesson to be shared another time.

There are so many ways that we connect with one another:  emotionally, physically, spiritually, intellectually and beyond.  When someone chooses to work with me and experience the connected touch of my bodywork, they should have the expectation of receiving something from me whether it be relaxation, heightened body awareness, body wisdom or healing. These are just of a few of the responses that can occur when there is deep and trusting connection.

I’m sharing this week about the power of hugs and the energetic nature of connection.  I hope you take my challenge and choose to give and receive at least one deep hug per day this week.  Note the difference that comes about as a result of consciously connecting with your loved ones.


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