Core Alignment Therapy & Therapeutic Massage

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Powerful Healing

Core Alignment Therapy is a gentle non-invasive body alignment method that combines the best of massage, neuromuscular re-education, Thai Yoga Massage, Russian physiotherapy, Asian bodywork techniques, aromatherapy and more. Each Comprehensive Core Alignment takes about 30-35 minutes.  Therapeutic sessions are available that pinpoint other issues like sciatica, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, pregnancy related pain issues and much more.

Your certified CAT therapist will not only be able to pinpoint your bodywork needs and help you unwind pain out of your body, but they will also be able to share some varied restorative movement exercises that you can use to help bring your body back to balance.

Wellness Packages

These packages include Core Alignment Therapy AND Therapeutic Massage. Ask about adding on personal training to these packages.  We will custom-design a package that will meet your needs.  Go ahead, commit to being your best self!


Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my bodywork session?

Take good care of yourself, eat well and come well hydrated. Comfortable clothes like yoga pants or sweatpants are recommended for the Core Alignment Therapy session, otherwise please be aware that you will be removing all of most of your clothes for other bodywork sessions. Be prepared to give good honest feedback so that your therapist can find exactly the connection and bodywork style that will optimize the therapeutic effects of your session. Soaking afterwards in Epsom salts, staying well-hydrated and planning in some extra rest time are great ways to take the work to the next level. 

What are the effects of Healing Stone massage?

During the Healing Stone massage, you will experience an increased body temperature that will speed your metabolism and cause your body to need greater amounts of water for the next 24 hours than are normal.  This is an incredibly detoxifying and deeply relaxing body treatment. The stones provide a deep getaway and at times can provide just the right environment for emotional release.  Deeply nurturing on every level. 

What are the effects of Chinese Cupping?

Clients are saying that they are amazed by the effects they feel after adding in Chinese Cupping to a bodywork session.  The cups are a powerful way to release tension in the fascia as well as stimulate and move energy, stagnant blood  and lymph.  It then works deeply to pull fresh, healing circulation to the body. For more info on this go- Link to Cupping Video.  

What is Core Alignment Therapy? (CAT)

Gentle non-invasive bodywork modality that combines massage, aromatherapy, muscle release, Asian and Russian healing techniques and spiraling alignment moves to release pain and stimulate  greater strength, mobility and even greater than these, hope!

How long does a Core Alignment Therapy session take?

A Comprehensive Core Alignment lasts about 30 minutes and aligns your hips, your spine, neck, shoulders, ribs, cranium and jaw. A Basic Tune-Up lasts for about 10 minutes and is great for kids or someone who just wants a quick spot check and focus in one area.  CAT can also stand alone for an Intensive Therapeutic Core Alignment Session that lasts anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half for someone who needs that level of care.

Why would I want to combine Core Alignment Therapy with a massage?

People want quick results and Core Alignment Therapy will deliver powerful results in just about 30 minutes.  CAT will get things where they are supposed to be, release the pain and tension in those trigger points.  The massage then allows the body to fully relax and synthesize the new normal.  To further optimize the treatment, take a walk and stretch gently and make sure to soak in Epsom salts or Celtic bath salts and essential oils before retiring for the evening. 

Where does CAT come from?

The father of osteopathy, Andrew Still, was caught in a 15-second black and white movie performing an obscure technique on one of his patients over 100 years ago.  An osteopath observed this move and began to decode the movement.  The work passed to a local osteopath who shared it with a friend.  This friend and mentor spent time teaching me the basic moves of this work.  As we explored the possibilities of the work, we began to discover new ways to apply the basic principles and I began to incorporate other modalities into the work until it became its own unique bodywork modality.  “There is nothing new under the sun.”  This work is simply a fusion of what has gone before laced with a healthy dose of ingenuity and intrinsic bodywork knowledge. 

What is the alignment move used in CAT based on?

Each move takes the body in the direction it wants to go, introduces a spiral to relax the muscles and then settles the body where it needs to go.  This spiralling motion is based on the Fibonacci spiral and is a powerful healing tool.

I’m fairly skeptical. Does this really work?

Don’t take my word for it- let a client answer: “You know what? If you have been on the fence about checking this out, you should do it. I had my session and not only do I feel sooooooooo much less pain than I have in years, it was an amazing experience. Very calming, comfortable and, yes, intense but in a good way. I have not had the intense headaches I have had for such a long time, I am sleeping better without my arms falling asleep and my neck, back and shoulders are not tense and cramped like they have been daily for YEARS. I was hesitant about making an appointment and going but am very glad I did and will definitely be going back to continue on progress already made. So, I don’t know if that helps anyone but…give it a try if you are thinking about it!” – Samira

Is there any chance that Core Alignment Therapy can cause injury?

Great news!  It is impossible to hurt someone doing this work.  It depends on a simple range of motion.  If you can move, this treatment is for you and will be pain-free!  Your practitioner will work with your comfort level and current range of motion to structure the session right where your body needs it.

Will CAT guarantee a healing result?

No.  There is no such thing as something that works for everyone.  However, this does work for most everyone. Even if you do not live in a pain-free bubble for the rest of your life after just one session, you will feel better and be more aware of your body.  Most clients walk away with a minimum of 95% resolving of pain issues and greater range of motion.

My husband just went for the first time last week. When he came home, I could visibly see the relief in his face. Chronic pain is no laughing matter and ever since Liz worked on him Sunday he has slept better, not complained at all, and he is laughing again! Thank you Liz! You have miracle hands!


I'm giving testimony here, Liz is amazing at this. I've had hip issues from years of running and it's payback time. Liz helped the pain completely go away for 4 days so I'm going back for a little tune up. Not expecting an overnight miracle but I do believe over time this will be so beneficial in getting that 'kink out'.


I have been going to Liz for quite awhile. Core Alignment has helped me immensely. I have bulging discs that create havoc for me. After a session with Liz I feel like a new person, She not only does Core Alignment, but she is very well versed in eating habits, exercise and how to continue to feel good. Can't wait for the massage next week!!!!


I have only gone one time for core alignment with Liz. I have arthritis in my hip and plantar fasciitis. After the Core Alignment Therapy session, I opted for the massage as well. I can't believe how I felt afterwards! I have no more hip pain and the plantar fasciitis was 100% better! I need to schedule another appointment because that was over 6 months ago and I'm in need of a tune-up. Amazing for anyone but especially someone experiencing any sort of pain!