The Story

Liz Evans has been a bodyworker since 1999 (1982 if you count the times she gave her brother “Indian burns” in church).

She studied at the Baltimore School of Massage from 1999–2001. After a brief stint at a 5-star resort spa in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Liz returned to Maryland and started a small holistic wellness center, which she sold in 2005 to become a full-time mom. She is a mother of six amazingly wonderful and wonky homeschooled children, some of whom are learning the Core Alignment Therapy work as a part of their lifework.

Liz is passionate about sharing manual therapies like Core Alignment Therapy with other bodyworkers, whether they are certified therapists or compassionate caregivers who want to help keep a loved one out of pain. Liz has also been teaching fitness to kids for over 20 years and has been teaching her own brand of core training, Core Transformation, since 2014. She will do anything–really, anything it takes–to make sure that her students walk away with the tools they need to succeed. HandsOn BodyWorks is an approved provider with NCBTMB for both the Basic and Advanced I & II Core Alignment Therapy (pending) trainings.  Liz is trained in Core Alignment Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, Beginning Reflexology, Healing Stone Massage, Prenatal & Postpartum Massage and the Kurashova Technique for Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel and Nerve RE-Education.



HandsOn BodyWorks is delivering restorative therapies to healing hands everywhere. As the baby boomers age, some of the most profound healing solutions on the planet are in danger of becoming extinct. HOBW is dedicated to learning and evolving these therapies so that therapists and caregivers alike have the tools to bring true pain-killing solutions to a hurting world.

A Compass


  • We are committed to the Creator of the Universe and walking in His ways of love.
  • No matter how technical our trainings might be, they are dedicated to creating and maintaining a sense of wonder. Learning bodywork should be a fascinating and deeply personal growth experience- not feel like a doctor’s waiting room.
  • Since the beginning of time, healing traditions have been taught from hand to hand and heart to heart.  While we may offer portions of our course in video or distance format, we will NEVER compromise this tradition of passing manual therapies on in person from hand to hand and heart to heart.
  • We will maintain integrity to our word and correct discrepancies as soon as they arise.
  • Our clients time is valuable.  We respect their time, by making it right when we make a mistake in scheduling.  We request the same respect from our clients.
  • We are blessed to be a blessing which means we give back. Scholarships will be gifted to our trainings when need is demonstrated. Bodywork sessions are tithed, meaning that bodywork sessions are donated each month as an important way to bless the community. 10% of total training revenues are donated to water4 to help bring clean water and grow the economies of underserved peoples internationally.
  • We are committed to personal growth and continue to take trainings and research in order to be the best we can be.
  • You are never stuck! We are dedicated to transformation of the mind, body & spirit. It is what drives everything that we do.

The Gift of Transformation

There is nothing our family enjoys more than sharing transformation with others. We do this on both a spiritual level and a physical level. This is one of the reasons that essential oils are such a good fit for our wellness business and our daily life. We love to recommend quality oils to clients and receive no compensation for their sale. Check out Eden's Garden, a company with high integrity that offers quality essential oils at a lower price than the direct marketing sources for oils. You will treasure these gifts of healing!

Eden's Garden

Sharing the Love

Are you taking clean water for granted? Water4 realizes that this is not a luxury that a majority of people have. 10% of all of our training proceeds will go to support Water4's ongoing work building sustainable wells in areas that do not have clean water. We are excited that each one of our students gets to contribute to this powerful mission of sustaining life all over the world. Water4's mission allows them to train and equip locals to build and maintain their own wells. This costs about $600-$1000 per well. As a student with HandsOnBodyWorks, you get to support life-giving water and sustainable microbusinesses in areas where it is most needed!

More About Water4