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What is Core Transformation?

This workout was designed by a massage therapist & bodyworker and combines many traditions of core work and intuitive bodywork traditions into one invigorating and deeply transformative style of focused movement. Think of it as deep tissue massage that works deep into your body as you incorporate effort and breath work.

Core Transformation Fitness Classes


Tuesday 830-930 AM Core Transformation
Thursday 830-930 AM Core Transformation

North Fork Karate

311 2nd St,
Paonia, CO 81428

Monday 745-845 AM Bounce & Balance

Wednesday 745-845 AM Core Transformation

Friday 745-845 AM Bounce & Balance

Wellspring Vitality Movement Zone
110 S 7th Street, Unit B
Hotchkiss, CO 81419

Core Transformation Online Tribe

Experience Core Transformation wherever you are through an online subscription! Join Liz in a private Facebook Group and enjoy live Core Transformation sessions and receive instructions on how to move your body with the best results. Members of Wellspring Vitality receive access to the online Core Transformation Tribe free. Non-members subscribe for $15 a month.

When you subscribe you receive:

  • Access to the private Core Transformation Facebook Tribe
  • 4+ live classes a week
  • Core Transformation Basics Course delivered to your email to get you started
  • Support from Liz Evans, Core Transformation creator
  • Facebook Live Q&A Sessions monthly

For $15 a month transform your body from the inside out. Join the Core Transformation Fitness Tribe today! Click the button below to get started, or contact us with any questions you have regarding the course.

Core Transformation: The Workshop HARVEST YOUR HEALTH

Learn how to move to remove pain from your body in the way that you choose to move and breathe. Learn nutritional life hacks and cut through the myths and misperceptions about diet to empower your own body’s vitality. Learn how to make fermented foods. Finish off the day with a local ground to table feast and a lively Q & A with Liz Evans, LMT and Chrys Bailey, local organic specialty chef.

15 Ways to Love Your Liver, Anti-Cancer Strategies, Core Walking, Using the Body to De-Stress and Release Trauma, The Secrets of Anti-Aging Movement


Check back to this page for the next workshop date. After the workshop we will kick-off a 60-Day Core Transformation Cleanse Group.  You will not want to miss this chance to transform your inner biome, to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, to learn to harness the healing power of your body and to do this with a group of people who will support you being accountable to life change!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Core Transformation different from other core workouts like Pilates?

Pilates is powerful work, especially when taught by an artful instructor.  Yoga also is a wonderful way to work your core and deepen your flexibility.  Core Transformation takes elements from both of these and then adds in Callanetics- a system of deep muscle contraction and deep body awareness.   Core Transformation is continually evolving and will teach you things that you can apply all day, every day like Core Walking, breathwork, and restorative movement strategies that will keep your body out of pain and feeling lithe, graceful and supple. 

How do I prepare for a Core Transformation class?

Bring water, wear comfy yoga-style clothes and be ready to move about barefoot. Prepare, above all, to show up.  For it is in choosing and committing to a new way of being that we are transformed. 

What if I am really out of shape, can I do this?

The only fitness level that I would caution against joining this class is someone who is unable to get up off of the ground unassisted.  We spend a lot of time getting into a lot of different movements.  No matter where you are, you can begin to get your ability to move freely back again.  Your instructor will help you modify whenever something seems temporarily out of reach or beyond your body’s ability. 

What kind of effects should I expect to feel after my first workout? How about after a few months?

You will feel a sense of soreness as your muscles awaken.  One hour of the deep muscle contraction work that we do is equivalent to 7 hours in the gym doing a normal gym routine. This soreness is not like the tearing down that you experience from lifting weights.  It is, instead, an opening, a possibility, a lengthening and brings hope. It is hard work, but , oh, the body loves it. Within 6-8 sessions, clients are experiencing a release of chronic stiffness and fatigue.  They are gaining strength, flexibility, grace and control.  What will your experience be?

Does the Core Transformation workout work well in tandem with Core Alignment Therapy?

Adding a Core Alignment Therapy session to this work will only further deepen your results by releasing stuck holding patterns and creating space in the spine, hips and shoulders for increased range of motion. 

A Testimonial on the Power of Core Transformation

“The benefit of relief from lower back pain alone is worth more than all the costs.  I expect to meet more of my goals by continuing regular workouts.” — Joe Yeamans on Core Transformation workout with Liz Evans

Initial Conditions:

  • 73 year old male
  • BMI  32
  • Artificial knees
  • Osteoarthritis especially in wrists & lower back
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Range of motion limited by stiff joints & inflexible muscles
  • Weak muscles, especially abs, arms & shoulders
  • Spine goes out of alignment frequently
  • Lower than desired enthusiasm for activities


  • Relieve lower back pain
  • Maintain spinal alignment
  • Increase joint flexibility
  • Strengthen core & other muscles
  • Gain enthusiasm for activities
Hours Per Week
Per Week

Results After 3 Months:

  • Lower back pain mostly eliminated
  • Spine still goes out of alignment
  • All joints lubricated & much easier & less painful to move
  • Modest improvements in range of motion, flexibility & strength
  • Increased enthusiasm for moving & more energy for activities