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Stress Breaker Breath

By January 21, 2020Movement is Medicine


If you know anything about me, or have experienced my bodywork even just once, you know that I am stickler for breath.  Because breath is at the center of everything that we do.  Many of us don’t realize that our breathing patterns could be the single biggest cause of that pain in our necks.  So today’s “Movement is Medicine” Monday is geared towards teaching you the basis of all breathwork:  How to breathe deeply using your whole core.

I also explore the “Around the World” body opener movement sequence in this video.  It’s all about getting space in between those ribs and elevating your emotions with your body positioning. You can use this move any time of the day for a quick pick-me-up and to get yourself out of your head.  You might even feel triumphant, just sayin’.

The last piece I cover in this video is the idea that you can consciously deepen your relaxation at night by not holding your joints tightly.  Aligning your knees and ankles at night will help your hips to relax.  You might need a pillow in between your knees, but it becomes such a habit to feel those joints connecting and keeps you from holding one leg higher in that side-lying position which can cause tight, shortened hip muscles which usually equals a sensation of pain.

So, check this video out and one more tip:  If you haven’t read it yet, you will want to go here and add in the Qi Balancer to your normal bedtime routine to release your body, mind and spirit. I have a video demo here that shows you step by step how to reset your energy and fully release your body before rest.

Easy Way to Release Stress from Your Whole Body






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