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Rib Rescue Stretch and Self-Massage Routine

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This Rib Rescue stretch and self-massage routine is excellent for relieving tension after strenuous physical activity, such as snow shoveling, yard work, or weightlifting sessions. These movements, derived from Core Transformation and inspired by dynamic stretching and Core Alignment Therapy, are particularly beneficial for realigning the ribs and soothing sore muscles caused by repetitive movements.

Instructions for Rib Rescue Stretch and Self Massage:

Find a comfortable position lying on your back on the floor. If getting up from the floor is challenging, performing these exercises on a bed is a suitable alternative.

  1. Start by lifting your hips off the floor, aiming them towards the ceiling, and forming a half-bridge with your body. Keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle to support the bridge. With each inhalation, gently press your pelvis upward. As you exhale, allow yourself to relax deeper into the stretch.
  2. Release the half-bridge position and lie flat on the floor with your knees bent. Slowly move your bent knees from side to side, resembling windshield wipers, and let them gently touch the floor if possible. This movement provides a soothing stretch for the hip flexors.
  3. Transition to the Rib Rescue Stretch and Self-Massage. Begin by gently massaging your ribs and the intercostal muscles, which are located between the ribs. Use firm circular motions to warm the muscles, paying attention to any tender spots. Pause and focus on these areas, massaging them gently to alleviate discomfort.
  4. Your ribs have expansion joints that facilitate breathing, but misalignment can cause discomfort. Core Alignment Therapy aims to correct these misalignments. By identifying and massaging tender points, we can help realign the ribs for improved comfort and breathing. When you pay attention to these pain points and introduce movement to those areas you are using a Core Alignment Technique! 
  5. After massaging the ribs, move to the breastbone and repeat the circular massage, moving upwards towards the collarbone. This motion benefits the endocrine system.
  6. Butterfly stretch and open your bent knees wide, then bring them together repeatedly while inhaling as you bring them together and exhaling as you spread them apart.
  7. Return to the half-bridge stretch, pressing your hips upward towards the sky with each inhale.
  8. On an inhale, gently tuck your fingers underneath your ribcage. Find a comfortable position for your fingers and hold for a few breaths before releasing on the exhale. Repeat this movement for additional relief.
  9. Finish by performing circular self-massage on the sternum.

If time allows, incorporating breathwork is highly beneficial to the Rib Rescue. I have found Wim Hof breathing techniques incredibly effective for strengthening the ribs over the past four years. I encourage you to revisit this stretch routine regularly, especially after demanding physical activities, to take care of your body.


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