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Neck and Shoulder Pain Stretch Routine

By May 16, 2024Movement is Medicine

Neck and shoulder pain are some of the most common pain points for clients that come to my massage table. I recorded this video which includes full-body dynamic stretches to help you to release tension. If you would like more seated stretches my Happy Head and Neck & Shoulder Routine are other stretch routines you can add to your daily routines. These resources I created specifically for my clients. The other resources I swear by to get out of pain include the  Essentrics Psoas Routine.

This 14-minute dynamic stretch work helps your hips to move like butter! I am also finding so much joy with Body Groove.

This dance and dynamic stretch routine is something I’m incorporating into my daily fitness routine and it is restoring a sense of freedom with movement that I haven’t experienced before.

Now that you have some resources to explore, let’s dive into this neck and shoulder pain stretch routine.

There are three different forms of stretching, passive, active, and dynamic.

Dynamic stretching is my personal preference. To make a stretch dynamic, you explore movement while in a stretch pose. Also focusing on breathwork to deepen the work.

Active stretching you tense all of your muscles, you alternate contracting muscles and releasing the tension. This is also an excellent way to deepen the work of a stretch.

You are probably most familiar with passive stretching, where you get into a pose and hold that pose. This is a great activity but I find that Dynamic and Active Stretches have better results in shorter times.

In the above video, we are exploring Active and Dynamic stretches for neck and shoulder pain. We will also explore Nerve Glides, where you perform repetitive motions that engage your nerves and joints. Self-massage techniques, and more.

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