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Quick Reset for Your Body

By December 10, 2019Uncategorized
Photo by Samuel Silitonga from Pexels

If there ever was a time that we need a reset, (Well, honestly it’s all the time.) it’s around the holiday season. Most of us  are running pell-mell, trying to do twice as much as we normally do so that we can enjoy a well-deserved rest and time of celebration with family and friends. See even that sentence makes you nervous, because you know the to-do list is lurking.  As you seek strategies that won’t suck the soul out of your celebratory spirit, I am here to challenge you to put a few simple restorative movements into your to-do list.  Do these while you are on the move.  Take the time to steady your breath, reset your posture and relax your body.

I’ve prepped a quick video of some quickie tips for helping you reset your breath, your posture and helping to release tension and pain from your body.  I’ve been sharing these tips with clients quite a bit lately, so I thought that I would make a video to illustrate them and I know they will help you feel better if you just apply them regularly.

Next time, I will be sharing the introduction to my series on how to release the body from the travelling blues.  “Travelling blues” are caused by being stuck in an airplane or car or anywhere in the world where you wait in weird, still & stuck positions.  I’ve been imagineering a whole series of movement strategies for staying loose and at your best even though car seats and airline seats are not designed for optimal flow and health.  I’ve got your back, so stay tuned!



Let me know if these make a difference for you in your life.  Check out for more restorative movement tips and tricks!

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