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Why Choose to Move?

By October 1, 2019Uncategorized


This is one of my favorite subjects of all time.  As much as I love to help people feel better by doing bodywork ON them, it is much more powerful for the bodywork to come FROM within them. I can’t tell you how many times I have given clients some simple movements that they can do to keep their body from being in pain or to unwind destructive patterns in their bodies.  And, they work.  They work powerfully.  Why choose to move?  Because multi-faceted movement sets our bodies free and on a deeper spiritual level allows us to fulfill our God-given purposes in life.

What is movement and working out NOT about?  It’s not about how you look.  It’s not about how you feel.  It’s about having a powerful, strong and healthy body that is prepared to offer all of the love and service that it can possibly give.  Our body is our “soul-ship” and as we sail through this life, it’s better to not have to be mired down in a sinking ship or worse yet to swim.  Treading water because our health is in disrepair is not something any of us anticipates or works towards.  It’s an apathy towards regular conditioning and restorative movement that is a “slow killer” of our body’s inherent strength and abilities.  We are unable to do somersaults because we stop doing somersaults not because we are too old to do them. You can retrain the brain to move in these child-like ways again.

Most pain patterns are caused by a lack of movement.  Can I say that again?  I can’t stress it enough.  Most pain patterns are a result of stopping healthy movement.  When I was just a wee whippersnapper, I remember observing my grandma who had started to believe that she was too old to do certain things.  Her existence became sedentary because of that belief system and instead of pushing through the soreness and lubricating her joints with a healthy dose of restorative movement, she literally became a prisoner in her own body over time. I succinctly remember thinking that once you start sitting on the couch and saying that you are too old to do things is the moment you start to die.

Focussed Benefits of Core Transformation:

  • Breathwork
  • Body Awareness
  • Renewed Core Strength
  • Teaching on Movement Strategies to Get You Out of Pain and Keep You Out of Pain
  • Learn Core Walking & Transform Walking into a Therapeutic Activity
  • Develop Strength & Grace
  • Creative Child-Like Movement
  • Laughter, Joy & a Whole Lot of Gratitude
  • Stress Release
  • Better Sleep

It’s important to remember that movement must be good.  The Hebrew word for good is broken out with this definition:  Functional & Harmonious.  Not every workout is right for everyone, but no matter what you are doing it needs to be functional and based on tested and true movement principles. It must be harmonious.  Don’t give in to the “American Workout Ideal” of pushing harder without balancing that with stress release and flexibility.  Balance is key.  There are also many workouts out there that are not helpful because they create injury through repetitive motion. If you don’t have a regular pattern of introducing good movement into your routine, please consider joining me for Core Transformation workouts in the North Fork Valley.  Class information can be found here

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