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Celebrating the Power of Connection

By March 12, 2019Movement is Medicine

I’ve been doing bodywork now for 20 years, so I am definitely celebrating the power of connection in 2019.  It’s amazing to reflect back on the many lessons that clients and friends have taught me about connection.  I remember a dear friend, Oliver Powers, pulling me aside at church and spending the time to teach me how to connect and sink into a hug.  I was so broken from an abusive childhood that I shrank from physical touch.  I feared connection and distrusted almost everyone. Without him taking the time to teach me about healthy touch and connection, I doubt that I ever would have decided to pursue the study of massage therapy. Just one example of how powerful connection can be.  Even just a simple hug or hug lessons.

I trained at the Baltimore School of Massage and through the years have been continually challenged to explore therapeutic connection.  I am 100% convinced that bodywork cannot have as much of an effect if the connection is not there. I am passionate about teaching my Core Alignment Therapy and bodywork students how to connect: mind, body & spirit. The next few blog posts will continue to explore some of these healing concepts and give you some powerful ways to apply the power of connection to bettering your own life.  Can’t wait to share these lessons and please come celebrate with me for the month of March, 2019.  Mention this blog all month and receive an add-on of a mini-reflexology session to your massage session.


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