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Firewood Yoga or Smart Workout Tips

By October 9, 2018Uncategorized

Moving firewood…

Got me thinking about how you can do this task without having to come in and see someone like me to “fix” you.

  • Don’t do the same thing over and over.  Vary up the routine.
  • Don’t just bend over to pick up the wood.  Squat. A Lot. Alternate Lunges.  Throw wood between your legs. Overhand throw. Underhand throw. Vary it up.
  • Stop to do the Spine Lengthener Breath.  Breathe in deeply in a lengthened open posture.  Hold the breath and then as you exhale stretch the top of your head towards the sky.  Feel what happens in your core as you lengthen your spine.
  • Laugh, Be with a Friend, Sing through the work.
  • Walk around.  Don’t do anyone movement for more than 2 minutes and then switch it up.  2 minutes is a long time.  Why not try a minute.  Keep your mind working on what the next move will be.
  • Work. Stretch. Work. Stretch. Repeat until done with task or workout.  Now cool-down stretch.
  • Be your own cheerleader.  Do some jumps or some other really random movement in the middle of all of this routine and repetitive movement.
  • Take a break, drink water, breathe deeply, move your face around and go for it!





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