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Easy Way to Use Your Posture to Reduce Pain!

By December 18, 2018Uncategorized

So many movement gurus spend a lot of time with posture and with good reason: holding your body correctly from the inside out reduces stress and pressure on joints and muscles.  Where do your muscles need to bear weight?  How do you set up your body for ease of movement and support?  Watch this video to learn how.  It’s easy and it all starts with either the foundation of your feet or your sits bones.  Try this and I guarantee that unless you have an injury or an internal mechanical issue that needs more specialized attention, that this will work for you and help you feel better throughout the day.

It is also an amazing core workout- gentle but effective and will help with a problem that I see from time to time as people age… they lost their core strength in their lower back and abs and they begin to shrink.  This simple awareness and practice will maintain length in your core and keep you from being in pain for no apparent reason.


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