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Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis

By June 25, 2018Uncategorized

Here it is: the skinny on an issue that plagues some of us from time to time.  We are the ones who work on our feet hours and hours and given the perfect storm of overwork, sitting and underuse of certain muscles starting below the knee, we generally start to feel the pain in the heel and into the center of the foot. If you’ve ever had this malady, you know that you want it to go away as soon as possible. It’s maddening and catches you at the worst possible times.  You never take for granted a painless heel again after enduring this malady.

I am currently struggling with this issue myself and with all the massages I do and as often as I am on my feet, I am very motivated to make it go away.  I am always grateful when I have pain because it means that I am going to learn how to overcome it and then get to share it with clients. The last time that I had plantar fasciitis, it lasted for a year and I was prescribed inserts and told that it might never go away. I learned Core Walking.  Check out an intro to Core Walking by clicking here.

Check out the video here for more info on what I’m doing to combat this issue:

Then, tune in again in a few weeks, when I give you my report card of foot health.  As an aside, I did a Beachbody T-25 workout today barefoot as I always do to strengthen my feet.  All of the different movements and variations in rhythm, speed and force applied to my foot left my foot feeling totally normal for at least 2 hours… then the soreness came back.  I had dropped this kind of workout from my routine.  For movement to be medicine, it has to be varied in every possible way.  I will be doing this workout (or variations of) at least 3x a week as my personal Rx for plantar fasciitis release out of my body.

One more video- a slow and methodical Egoscue video that details the exercises that I shared in my video:

I want to hear from you.  Is this info helping you release pain out of your body?




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