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Butterfly Full-Body Release

By December 3, 2018Uncategorized

Why you need to keep opening up your hips at every opportunity:

  • The hips are your platform, your foundation for the upper body.  The tighter they get the more restricted and tight your connecting muscles will get.
  • Because the number of hip replacements is exponentially increasing and it doesn’t have to!  The problem is based on our lack of movement as a society.  So, get your body moving! More info on hip replacement trends here.
  • We sit too much.  We’ve got to squat and get into different positions so that our deep hip muscles don’t atrophy and so that there is proper alignment, movement and openness in the tissues.
  • Stop sciatica in its tracks.  Too many people are dealing with the pain of sciatica.  Often Nerve Re-Education (I am trained in this specialty) and restorative movement are all you need to be free of this painful and irritating malady.
  • Because we were created to dance… with our whole bodies!
  • Improved and more easeful sexual performance. (‘nuf said.)
  • Using restorative movement techniques like this and others will help you when you want to go out and become a weekend warrior and push yourself a little harder than the norm.  Just a few minutes a day of movement medicine goes a long way!

So, here’s a quick overview of how to do this exercise.  Do this after a long day of travel or if you’ve been stuck at a desk.  This is a great way to release the body before resting for the night.  I highly recommend following with the Qi Balancer which I will share in another video.


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