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BREATHE: Reviewing Hands-On Techniques for Releasing Pain & Trauma

By November 14, 2018Uncategorized

So grateful you’ve decided to peek into this blog.  The BREATHE series is a follow-on to a workshop that I was privileged to share at the Conquer conference in October of 2018.  It always amazes me how hungry people are to learn about releasing pain and trauma from the body using the body.

Besides the tips I share in this video, there are many videos in this blog that will help you how to learn to release pain and trauma from the body.  Also, check out Pete Egoscue on Youtube.  He has many videos that offer specific pain relief for specific maladies.  He is a genius and a blessing to the world.

Remember, none of this works unless you choose to follow through and do the work. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds. Our minds can only be renewed by action and that action involves our body whether it be what comes out of our mouth and the words that we say about ourselves and others or an actual physical movement of our muscles, bones, nerves and well, you get it.  Get out there and do something. Choose to follow through with one little baby step and then add another one into your routine when you are ready.

You can do this!

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