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7 Reasons to Move Your Face

By July 31, 2018Uncategorized

You don’t often hear people or fitness experts tell you to get your face moving, not since Jack Lalanne anyway. That is exactly what I am going to motivate you to do today.   If you were to join me for my Core Transformation workout, you would definitely be getting your face moving.  It’s so easy to do!  I don’t just do it in my fitness class, but while I am driving or working at my computer or just about anytime I can fit it in.  Here are just a few reasons why this is so important to your overall health:


  1. Facelift– This is not a myth, nor is it hype. Simple physics, baby!  If you will move your face muscles, they will tone and you can youthen your appearance.  (Yes, I did just use youth as a verb.)
  2. Better Kisser– Increased coordination of muscles comes from movement and strengthening of the whole face.  Pop those lips.  Stick out your tongue and move it all around.  The more you exercise your face, the more that you will be able to feel as you increase the sensitivity of those nerves by keeping the muscles supple and bringing in more circulation.  By the way, did you know that your lips are one of the most erogenous zones in your body- meaning they are the most sensitive?
  3. Neck Muscle Release– Try it.  Move your face all around for a minimum of 10 seconds.  Then, stop and feel what is happening in your neck.  Are the muscles warmer, more pliable and relaxed?  You’re welcome.
  4. The Goofy Factor– Sometimes when we do this in class, people get self-conscious.  We don’t want to look silly in front of others in our culture.  We’ve got to stop caring so much.  The ability to laugh at yourself and be comfortable in your own skin not only feels better but actually increases our immune response.
  5. Opposites Attract– Every time you contract your muscles, you create the opposite response in your brain: relaxation.  Working a muscle stimulates relaxation if you’re conscious of this effect.   Use the stimulation and movement to release tension in your face.
  6. Energizing– Your face and cranium hold the muscles that are closest to the brain.  By stimulating and moving those muscles, (or any muscles) you are stimulating and waking up the brain. Feeling drowsy?  Need to keep going?  Rock out a quick face workout and enjoy the extra energy.
  7. Release Pain- We were talking about the facial workout in class this morning, and one of the cool ladies I work out with said that she has had way fewer headaches since she began doing this on a regular basis.  As a massage therapist, I can very reliably predict the people who are more prone to headaches.  Generally speaking, their scalps and faces are extremely tight.  Intentional face workouts will help to release pain and tension in the cranium.

There is absolutely no downside to this work.  It’s easy.  Anyone of any fitness level can do this.  The benefits are worth it.  So get to it!

Join me in the Face Workout Challenge.  I do this all the time in the car anyway, but I want to learn from one of the greats, Jack Lalanne.  There are 30 facial workouts archived on Youtube.  I will be going through all 30 and learning some new ways to stretch and move my face.  Comment below if you are joining and share your results in a month or so!

Click here to check out my video giving you a step-by-step tutorial on giving yourself an invigorating facial massage once you’ve completed your workout. My work is done here.  Go ahead and get those faces moving and reap these amazing benefits!



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  • Margaret says:

    Video was fun! I this kind of stuff in the car, thank you so much for sharing! Face exercise and put your best face forward.

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