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Intro to Core Transformation: The Workout

By April 14, 2020Uncategorized

WARNING!!  GEEK ALERT!! Core Transformation is one of my “bodywork babies” because I have learned so much about physiology through moving with friends for the past 5 years. This work has been informing the bodywork that I do, just as the bodywork informs the workout.  The evolution of the work has been inspiring to say the least.  Especially when you consider all of the people who are getting out of pain and moving better in their daily lives.

We do some things in this workout that are a little out of the ordinary, but, wow! do they get results!!

I’d like to share some of the principles of Core Transformation here although each one of them are a blog post all on their own. It’s amazing the results this system of movement gets as you apply yourself.  The synergy of the different principles creates fluid, graceful and pain-free movement over time; removing blocks and hitches in movement patterns.  This work also goes with you throughout the day as you become aware of  your holding patterns, how to breathe deeply and how to hold your body as it was designed for optimal performance. I’ll be posting video testimonials soon from clients who are changing their present and future use of their bodies.  They are able to go hiking without sore knees.  They are running again. They have let go of chronic hip pain and more.  Movement is medicine and as this class evolved, I designed it to unwind pain out of the body, de-stress and strengthen the core in powerful ways.

Principles of Core Transformation:

So, these principles are here just as a bookmark for future blog posts, because each of these principles when applied to your body, mind and spirit are transformational and I don’t have time to explain them all here.  You are smart, dear reader, and I’m sure that most of these will make sense to you even on a superficial level.

  • Core Strength comes from your whole torso, not just your abs.
  • Foot Placement is EVERYTHING when it comes to standing posture. (Sits bones placement when sitting.)
  • When your hands & feet hit the ground softly, that’s when you know your core is in control.
  • Your Breath is Like “Wind on Water”.
  • Your Extremities can unlock and relax everything they are remotely connected to.
  • Why Work Out?  Not to look good.  Not even to feel good.  It’s so that you have the energy and vitality needed to love and serve in the life that you have been given.
  • Pulsing is a Powerful way to reset your contraction rate and create deep flexibility and strength.
  • Gratitude.  ‘Nuf said.
  • Your glutes were designed to hold the weight of your spine, not your lower back muscles.
  • Whereever you find work, there is always release.  You must find both in every movement.  Like yin/yang.
  • Childlike movement keeps you young.
  • Laughter at yourself and generalized joy in the moment is obligatory to a movement practice.
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is miraculous.  More on that later.
  • Deep Muscle Contraction works your body 7 x more efficiently than going to the gym and doing a normal circuit.
  • Intentional & Restorative Movement can reset your brain and your emotions
  • Self Massage powerfully enhances the effect of your workout.
  • Qi Balancer is a total body energy reset.
  • Intentionally working your energy meridians in a workout is revolutionary.
  • Your dog can teach you a thing or two about movement… like pandiculation.
  • Breath control and breathwork can change every moment of your life. Perhaps even lengthen your life when you know how to master your breath.

Some of you just clicked on this link to get some sample workout action, and we finally made it down to the workout.  Thanks for at least skimming through. I explain many of these principles as we move through the work because the best way to learn the workout is to do it.   I apologize for the quality of this video. I filmed it with my phone in my living room.  As time goes on, I will have way better quality videos to share.  My goal is to create an online subscription for this workout which will be it’s own learning curve. We all have to start somewhere and so today, I give you my best:


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