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Free the Lower Back

By August 14, 2018Uncategorized

Hello, friends. Everyone struggles with lower back pain at one time or another.  Here is yet another routine for keeping that pain away (hopefully) for good. Once you’ve mastered the Lower Back Release Protocol, this is your next step.

I’ve done this routine in the airport and boy do I feel good before I get on the plane and sit on those airline seats designed to box your body into a cube of pain.  I feel sorry for all of the people sitting in those airport chairs doing work on their devices while I am moving my body and giving it the good medicine that it needs.

Here are some of the benefits of this routine:

  • Circulation reset.
  • Automatic relaxation of the sacrum and spine.  “Take a load off.”
  • Great body positioning for stress relieving breathwork.
  • Movement in the sacrum and lower back.
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation- (Say what?) This is a fancy way to say that you engage your muscles to release your muscles. This reduces stress and tension in the body while increasing function and range of motion. Win-Win for sure!
  • Increased range of motion in hips and sacrum.

All you’ve got to lose is your pain!  Go for it.



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