CAT Certification


Currently in beta process. Coming in August 2018!  This 12 or 24 module course (2 different tracks- depending on student’s time commitment) will feature downloadable PDF coursework, monthly videos, quizzes and more.


Currently Under Development!

Coming August 2018: Core Alignment Therapy Certification Program

This program will take your work to the next level, prepare you and certify you through written and practical examination that proves that your work is of the highest caliber, that you are not merely dabbling in wellness, but that you have committed and put the time in to become the best of the best.
You can accomplish the certification in 12 months or spread it out in a 24- month certification process. The certification will include a minimum of 500 documented hours of Core Alignment Therapy hands-on bodywork.
Coursework Modules Include:
  • PNF Principles and Application
  • Somatics
  • Polarity Therapy Introduction
  • Wellness Business Development & Management
  • Anatomy/Physiology
  • Client Case Studies
  • Post-Traumatic Work Focus
  • Reflexology Principles
  • Nerve-Re-Education and Russian Physiotherapy Studies
  • Client Homework Strategies
  • Restorative Movement
  • Research Projects & Funding Strategies
  • So much more…