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Liz EvansLMT, Core Alignment Educator & Innovator, Bodyworker, Core Transformation Fitness Instructor
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Spirit-filled connection brings deep healing into the body. From breathwork and energetic connection to hands-on modalities, you can relax and release tension and pain.


The Core Transformation workout was designed by a massage therapist & bodyworker and combines many traditions of core work and intuitive bodywork traditions into one invigorating and deeply transformative style of focused movement.


Basic and Advanced Core Alignment Therapy Trainings, CAT Review videos to support your learning process and support to evolve your body work skills.


Coming in Spring 2018!¬† Inaugural course: “Spiraling Pain Out of the Body”

You could combine the best of ancient & modern healing traditions into one concise therapy?

You could align the spine, hips, shoulders, scapula, cranium, ribs and more…?

This therapy could provide relief and proper alignment to aid in healing from trauma?

Long-term chronic pain could be trained out of the body?

Since the beginning of time, healing traditions have been taught from hand to hand and heart to heart.

Core Alignment Therapy is a gentle non-invasive body alignment method that combines the best of massage, neuromuscular re-education, Thai Yoga Massage, Russian physiotherapy, Asian bodywork techniques, aromatherapy and more.

Watch how Core Alignment Therapy is changing lives.


Sue’s Core Alignment Testimonial

Sue Spurlock experienced a traumatic injury on January 1, 2015 while riding her horse on a snowy day. Listen to the results that have literally changed her whole life since she has been “peeling the onion layers” of pain with Core Alignment Therapy.

Core Transformation Testimonial

Core Transformation is a transformative workout that uses deep muscle contraction and powerful proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation to bring strength and balance into your core.

Shawn & Family Core Alignment Testimonial

Shawn and Adrin describe the amazing experience of Core Alignment Therapy that allows Shawn to get off of narcotic pain meds almost overnight.

“Spiralling Pain Out of the Body”

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Rib Rescue Stretch and Self-Massage Routine

This Rib Rescue stretch and self-massage routine is excellent for relieving tension after strenuous physical activity, such as snow shoveling, yard work, or weightlifting sessions. These movements, derived from Core Transformation and inspired by dynamic stretching and Core Alignment Therapy,…
Movement is Medicine

Neck and Shoulder Pain Stretch Routine

Neck and shoulder pain are some of the most common pain points for clients that come to my massage table. I recorded this video which includes full-body dynamic stretches to help you to release tension. If you would like more…
Movement is Medicine

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Marie is an incredible woman. Even though she came in limping and in pain, toting an oxygen machine, a seeming poster child for misery, her sweet mischievous nature and twinkle in her eye quickly caught my attention. She spreads joy…